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Leading Transformer manufacturer in India - Miracle Electronics


Born in the year 1994, Miracle Electronics has been working towards setting up a world-class manufacturing facility to manufacture best in quality inductors and power transformers in India and supply to its customers across the globe. It initially started manufacturing the finest quality Toroidal transformers in India, and today it boasts of Asia's most competitive ranges of superlative quality transformers, inductors, wire harnesses, volume controllers, voltage stabilizers and electronic box assemblies in India. Today, with an enviable workforce of 250 people, they have been able to successfully serve its customers in over 20 countries across the globe. Our small-sized, light-weight and noiseless Toroidal transformers are more efficient than other transformers as they possess lower exterior magnetic field and generate very low off-load losses. We manufacture RoHS Compliant, Reach Compliant, and CE & UL Marked best Toroidal transformer in India. All our transformers being extremely durable, with superior wiring, varnishing and connection terminators, provide excellent regulation with minimal temperature rise. We are also a leading power transformer and EI transformer manufacturer in India, with our products exclusively designed to provide the highest level of safety by regulating and stepping down voltages to a value that is truly required. Spread across two full-fledged and well-equipped facilities in Bangalore, Miracle Electronics is well-equipped with world-class training rooms with sufficient room for growth and expansion. The team of 250 individuals works in accordance with high standard norms of the industry with respect to production and safety. The company makes sure to keep their staff regularly trained to enable them to perform their duties effectively and maintain highest performance standards.

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Location: Hanover Park - Illinois

Phone: 8028362750

Site: http://www.miracle.net.in/

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